3ALAD.LiFe website is LiVe while under construction. Stay tuned and refresh this page daily for site content updates, adjustments and additions! Happy 3ALADing!

3ALAD.LiFe website is LiVe while under construction. Stay tuned and refresh this page daily for site content updates, adjustments and additions! Happy 3ALADing!

The Birth

July 2006
Job #31: Flyering for Tengu Restaurant
Location: Santa Monica, California

It has been a fun experience going to several fresh produce farmers markets here in LA: Venice Beach, Santa Monica and Brentwood, to pass out flyers for, recently launched, lunch menu at an awesome, Japanese infused, restaurant called Tengu. Going to those markets three to four times a week is always a fun experience, as there are lots of things to see, to learn and tons of cool people to meet and chat with. As I was promoting the restaurant, it didn’t take long, before I started noticing all these beautiful, juicy veggies and fruits looking at me from all the farmer’s stands.

To this day I remember the moment when I thought to myself:

“We used to grow these veggies at my grandma’s country side when I was a little kid!”

Memories of running around the garden with my lil sis, picking fresh dill that grew in huge, weed-like bunches, carefully lined up parsley and cilantro, tall green onion, later, cut up salad from fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, radish and carrots… lightly salted and peppered… made my mouth water and put a huge smile on my face just thinking of it.

Love you, Grandma, you are Legendary!


So, I spent my remaining twenty dollars for the veggies I’d recognized, with an idea for cutting them up and finding that long-forgotten taste of awesomeness… little did I know, this simple combination of mouth-watering, energy boosting substance, would awaken life in a seed that was planted so many years ago in my subconscious mind by my predecessors.

Of course, at first, I was far from being a skilled veggie cutter and my initial cuts were based on just five – seven ingredients, topped off with salt and pepper, oils or ranch or other types of garnish. I was borrowing a knife, a cutting board, a mixing bowl and a storage container from my roommate, Keji, who is a chef and was kind enough to not only lend me those tools, but also to teach me quite a few valuable lessons that I still use to this day! Besides all, Keji was my #1 critic and the first person to taste my 3ALAD creations giving me feedback on them, which only inspired me to keep going forward with it. Thank you Mama Keji! Love You! Aloso, Simon, Dimitri, Mahalo for life advices and great inspiration!

Over the years of, casually, cutting the3ALAD, I’d tasted all kinds of veggies, while finding ones that rhyme best with my body… I tried different styles of cutting them, mixing those with tasty garnishes and adding 3ALAD to most dishes. Results have always been interesting and fulfilling to this day – refreshing, boosting, light, healing… so much so, when in a 3ALAD habit (3ABIT), you can feel the body craving it anytime you think of, see or read in on its vegetable properties, with cravings amplified on your way to the market, getting produce there and, even stronger, when cutting up and mixing it. I had eventually realized that simplicity and benefits for this combo are bounderless, with new tastes and effects for each one of the veggies and fruits with every new cut could be discovered, plus, I’d found my best meditative states while making a cut in a process!

Eventually, going to fresh produce markets, visiting health food stores and cutting up 3ALAD every week became a habit and, since I’d always cut enough to fill an 8QT bowl (approximately 150 oz), half was shared with my friends and family with other half to last as a full meal or as addition to other meals for the whole week – week and a half ahead. Often, you can find 3ALAD at Pot Luck parties, sitting side by side with tastiest food creations that everyone brings for sharing and oh, what a delight that is, having all these awesome dishes together on one plate!

Thank you, Swaroop, for teaching me ways on seeing difference between organic and non-organic produce while making those super educational Mana and Farmer’s Markets food runs! Being the most committed 3ALAD subscriber for several years now, you have inspired me to keep cutting it more often… and the feedback you’ve given me over these years is priceless, so much so, entire recipe book can be written based on your experiments and observations! Thank you for loving this creation so much and seeing this awesome veggie combo as something that may change the world someday! Which it already has and is doing so, one little step at a time, with every new cut (;

For my dearest Guru, Angel, thank you for your wisdom, inspiration and guidance into the world of health, patience, meditation & food meditation, yoga and love for life! Thank you for having me at your famous seminars, classes, book signing parties and for adding 3ALAD to the list of your most favorite recipes in your recent creation “The Soulution”… you and Swaroop have provided me with that extra spark of energy and belief for the zission that I am on right now… Love you both very much!

Much Love for all of you, beautiful souls, awesome humans, friends and my ‘Ohana – thank you for supporting your local farmers & suppliers, growing fresh food and passing on this knowledge for the next generation!

And, most importantly, thank You for supporting You & Your Body’s Immune Systems Naturally!

Looking forward for hearing stories about your 3ALAD experiences soon!


Thanks Mom, for your hard work and getting train tickets bought for our family every summer, so we could travel to our Grandma's garden, located over 2300 km (1429 miles) away from our home town AND for taking such memorable photos! Dad, Grandpa, thanks for building up the country house, the sauna and greenhouses! My sis, aunties and uncles, for being there to teach and learn together... thank you! 

On the same note, shout out to my childhood friends I'd spent a bunch of time roaming around deep woods, endless fields, saunas and gardens filled with berries and all sorts of veggies that built us healthy and strong as we are today!

Much Love & ALOHA! 



Ziggy Smallz

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